Development, Communications, Strategic Planning

Established in 2017, Grounded is a consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofits reach and exceed their programatic and fundraising goals.

The starting point for my work with you is to understand your organization as a complete entity, and to design a project scope that truly addresses your needs. Adapting a single idea or approach that might  work for one nonprofit is rarely the right strategy for another. My practice is to think carefully about who your organization is and what makes it tick. With this knowledge, the creative strategies to meet targeted goals, grounded in your mission, will follow.

Deborah Crocker
Principal, Grounded


“Working with Deborah Crocker and her hands-on approach has been extremely beneficial for me and our team at Philadelphia Young Playwrights. Most importantly, we appreciate her guidance in working with us to develop a comprehensive development plan that is responsive to our current capacity, while still addressing our vision for the future.” Lisa Nelson-Haynes, Executive Director, Philadelphia Young Playwrights.

Our Board used to say, ‘We’d follow Deborah anywhere!’ She helped us clarify our goals, identify paths to achieve them, and worked alongside us—encouraging and, when necessary, cajoling us to success. I would work with her again in an instant. She is an invaluable member of any fundraising team.” Julia Finney, Former Principal, The Miquon School