BoodleAI Services

What if you had the ability to read your donors’ minds?

What if you could understand what was going on in people’s heart of hearts, the exact way they needed you to talk to them about donation, to understand what they care about?

Welcome to Affinity Based Fundraising

Affinity Based Fundraising is the newest way to look at your donor base and to segment and target your donors effectively. Affinity based data gives you a nuanced understanding of someone’s needs, wants, preferences, and behaviors. Instead of looking at broad-strokes behaviors like recent donations, it considers the underlying profile and motivations of donors. With that level of insight, you’re able to get a sense of who your best donors are likely to be, and what they actually care about, which lets you talk to them in a much more focused, useful way.

BoodleAI, the leading Affinity Based Fundraising technology, considers more than 1,200 specific data points to determine each individual’s unique affinity, including:

  • Community Information
  • Interests
  • Wealth Indicators
  • Donation Behavior
  • Education
  • Location

And so many more…

Our Services

Affinity Based Research

$2,000 plus $.18 per contact

Utilizing BoodleAI, this service includes:

Insights into your complete contact list: wealth,  background information and their affinities ( interests outside of your organization.) 

Predictive Reports: Based on the above insights and your desired outcomes,  we will create three predictive reports. Some examples of predictive reports include: communications preferences and Major Gift likelihood 

The Hidden Gem Report. This report takes data about donors who give to your organization at a higher level, and compares them with the rest of your contact list. With this information, we will identify donors on your list that are similar to your higher level donors.

Affinity Based Research + Strategy Development

$3,000 and up plus $.18 per contact

This service includes all the Basic Affinity Based Research outcomes, plus spending additional time with your team to develop content and engagement plans based on the findings of these reports.

Additional Screenings

Once you have utilized one of the above services, you are invited to gain basic insights about new batches of donors added to your lists at any time. The cost for this additional support is $.30 per additional contact, and must be a batch of at least 500 names per screening.

This AI stuff is new and there are only good questions! Reach out to to learn more about how BoodleAI works and how it can help you.